Crystal Meth (Speed)



Types of Meth

Meth can come in different forms that change the way it is used and the effect it can have on the brain and body. In general, meth comes in three main forms including:

  1. Ice or crystal meth, which has a rock-like appearance
  2. A fine white powder often referred to as ‘speed,’ which is often snorted
  3. An oily and thick brownish-yellow substance called ‘base’

These different types of meth can have different levels of purity and are used in different ways. The differences between types are important, as the purity and potency can be linked with serious long term consequences including overdose.

Ice vs. Meth

Ice, or crystal meth, refers to the rock or glass-like form of methamphetamine. The most important difference between ice and other forms of meth is its strength and purity.

Ice is a more pure and strong form of meth, compared to the speed or base forms of meth. It is typically manufactured in chemical super labs that can preserve its potency with few to no additives. As a result, ice is more addictive and creates an extended high that can be felt up to 24 hours after use.

Since ice is the purest form of methamphetamine available, the strength and length of effect can make it a target for abuse and overdose. Ice has been linked with an epidemic of abuse and a high risk of overdose.

The Difference in Effects

As a stimulant, all forms of meth can produce a ‘rush,’ which refers to feelings of euphoria and a burst of energy. However, using meth in different forms can alter the effects. For example, with the purest form of methamphetamine, the effects of ice can be stronger and can last longer. Using speed or base will still produce a high, but may not be as quick-acting or strong.

Although these are all ways that meth can be used, they carry slightly different risks. For example, using fast-acting, stronger methods can promote binges, where a person repeatedly takes doses as the effect starts to wear off. Injecting or smoking meth has been linked with an increased risk of addiction. In contrast, someone who has swallowed a pill and doesn’t feel the effects quickly may take an extra dose, increasing the risk of overdose.


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